Online sms bomber

Online sms bomber what it is? Well when your boyfriend doesn’t reply to your messages how do you feel then? You think of blasting his phone with thousands of messages in one go so that he can awake himself. So, online bomber also do the same thing. It is special programmable software where you can send thousands of messages in on go to any mobile number. Also check out :: online sms bomber.

Online sms bomber is simply a prank where you can irritate your friends by sending messages in one go that too continuously. It’s really very simple, you just have to type the number in sms bomber and then see the magic in just 5 seconds.

Steps ::

  • Click on the link which could be easily available with help of Google search engine.
  • Dialogue box appears asking for your friend’s phone number & count no. That’s how many sms you want to send to take the revenge.
  • Press SEND. And That’s it!
  • To stop the process of this online sms bombing, CLOSE THE TAB of your browser.

Things you must know ::

  • You can send up to 999 sms at one time.
  • You can only use one number at one time.
  • Some script links are only available for such countries and do not work for other countries.
  • Online sms bomber saves you IP address and locations also.

Important notes ::

  • This prank must be done with only with your boyfriends or your close ones.
  • Do not try this prank with experts as this prank is only for educational purposes.
  • For more on this topic check out :: sms bomber online

This is one of the coolest pranks today and it saves your lot of time and helps you a lot in taking the revenge from your close ones and friends.



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