How does whats app make money?

S you people must be wandering how does whatsapp make money  because there occurs no ads on Whats app. Whats app is the biggest social media network where almost every person is on Whats app. It provides you with the best user experience if we see any other social media in this category and now after Zuckerberg has purchased Whats app it is available for free. So, how does Whats app make money? In this article we will discuss everything about how Whats app generates money?
Earlier if we see the overall annual income of Whats app generated around $10 billion every year. But Mark Zuckerberg purchased it for $19 billion. So, why so much of high bid by the Zuckerberg. First reason could be its popularity. Whats app is thinking to increase their users by giving free services to the people. This will help them in future because if they huge amount of users in the future then if they even charge very less money to run their services then also they will play in billions.

We use to do text sharing, image sharing and many more things on Whats app All things are stored on Whats app database. Whats app engineers analyze all the data of the users and then predict likes, dislikes, interest and many more things and finally they put ads on your Facebook profile according to your interests.

Third way to earn money from Whats app is through broadcast messages . Like if any country wants to send an urgent message to all citizens, then Whats app could be a very important tool because Zuckerberg has all the data present in his database only he needs to send a message to everyone. For this he will surely charge a lot amount of money from that country. So, this is also a great way to generate money from the Whats app.
So, these are some very great tricks used by the Zuckerberg to generate revenue from the Whats app. So, is whats app making money? definitely yes!!!


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